PDC’s Juneau Office Adds Additional Services


PDC Inc. Engineers (PDC) welcomes Murray & Associates Consulting Mechanical Engineers (M&A) to their growing team in Juneau. PDC’s Juneau office staff now exceeds 20 professionals offering in-house civil, structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering; as well as land survey and materials testing services. M&A owner Douglas Murray will maintain his leadership position as a … Read More

Drone Field Testing – Part 2


Drones Part II – Results Wow! Drones can collect surprisingly accurate data. I’ll save you from a discussion of the technical details, but the bottom line is that drones clearly have a place in data collection. With surveyed ground control factored in, the drone collected imagery with approximately 2” horizontal and 4” vertical accuracy. So how does that compare to a traditional, … Read More

Tech Talk – Indoor Air Quality

Simple Air Quality Icon

by - Mark Frame, PE, Mechanical Engineer   Don’t Let High Energy Cost Take Your Breath Away!! Have you fallen asleep in meetings even after a good night’s rest, or felt like you were not able to concentrate? Do you sometimes wake up with a slight hangover, even when you didn’t have any alcohol the night before? Do you sometimes feel hot in crowded rooms, even if the temperature … Read More

PDC has new leadership


What makes a good leader? A good leader is an individual that people gather around and support not because they have to, but rather they want to! Congratulations Karen Brady on Senior Associate and Brad Jackson on Associate! New Associate and Sr. Associate … Read More

Open House in our Soldotna Office

FINAL Invite-01

Join us on May 13th 2016 at 4pm for an our Open House event.  We will have a crew of team members out cleaning up our adopted stretch of Highway on Kalifornisky Beach Road, then we will be hosting a BBQ featuring Firehouse BBQ.  Swing by and grab some great food and local brew and meet our staff! … Read More

Drone Field Testing – Part 1


It’s a beautiful spring day when I pull into the parking area - one of those clear blue sky days that makes the Fairbanks winter a distant memory. I’m at the north end of the new Tanana River railroad bridge near Salcha, not entirely sure what to expect from the drone demonstration I’ve come to watch. Today we’re meeting with some folks from Aquilo, an Alaska-based firm specializing in unmanned … Read More

Cracks after an earthquake; should I be worried?


Cracks in typical residential construction after an earthquake; should I be worried? by PDC Structural Engineer, Don Gillie, PE The ground starts moving; the house starts shaking; rumbles, cracks and pops are heard throughout.  This is a scene all too familiar to people who live in earthquake prone regions.  As the building stops moving you’ll probably walk around to assess any damage: knocked … Read More

2015 Year in Review


Dear Friend and Colleague, Alaska has always been considered a land of opportunity; and it will continue to be in the future as we work through some of our greatest challenges as a State.  One thing for sure, Alaskans don’t give up!  We will pull together and roll up our sleeves…We are all Alaska Tough and Hard Working. Would you rather...?  A collection of issues facing Alaska and the … Read More

New Year, New News!! More PDC Growth!

FINAL R&M Transitional Logo

This new year brings exciting news!  PDC Inc. Engineers (PDC) announces it has joined forces with R&M Engineering located in Juneau, Alaska (R&M Juneau).  R&M Juneau is a 17-person firm that offers civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering; as well as survey, special inspections, and materials testing (soils, concrete, and asphalt pavement). Michael Story and Mark Pusich will … Read More

PDC wins award for Transportation Project of the Year

2015 AMATS Interim Plan

PDC Planner Bryan Hill proudly accepts an APA Transportation Project of the Year award on behalf PDC for his work on the AMATS MTP Interim Plan. … Read More

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